The power of small binding RNA

The power of small binding RNA

A new RNA modality, inspired by nature

Iris has coined the term small binding RNATM, or sbRNATM, to represent its foundational technology.

sbRNATM constructs mimic natural RNAs and modulate gene expression through tightly regulated, highly selective binding events.

Broadly enabling

The sbRNA™ platform unlocks multiple therapeutic approaches, including allele-selective inhibition and gene activation.

Powerful applications

Our mission is to address a range of serious diseases, beginning with devastating repeat expansion disorders. There are over twenty known repeat expansion diseases today, and that list continues to grow.


Non-cooperative binding to WT transcripts
A single Ago-sbRNA™ complex engages healthy transcripts, resulting in minimal gene expression changes

Cooperative binding to expanded transcript
The RNAi machinery (purple) binds multiple Ago-sbRNA™ complexes simultaneously, resulting in a cooperative binding interaction that potently modulates gene expression

The Iris approach is allele-selective and broadly applicable across diverse patient populations.

The sbRNATM platform leverages the cooperativity inherent in the RNAi machinery to selectively modulate RNA transcripts harboring expanded, pathologic repeat sequences. Normal transcripts with shorter repeat sequences are not bound cooperatively. This results in weaker binding interactions that minimally impact normal transcript expression.

This approach allows one construct to be used widely across a patient population.

Our Mission

We are pragmatic optimists.

We realize that tackling human disease is difficult, but we also know that people living with serious, life-altering conditions are counting on us to succeed.

We are driven by the belief that we can meet these challenges with powerful science and a world-class team.





Iris Medicine is an early-stage life sciences company pioneering the future of RNA therapies. We are looking for highly creative and committed people to join our growing team.

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